And then SIPSLOW was created


After I had my daughter in 2016, I suffered from postpartum. I did not realized I had postpartum until, my daughter was about 6 months. At that time, I felt like there was nothing I could possibly do. However, I did know I was depressed and stressed out with everything. I felt alone and insecure with my new body, and I needed something that would give me comfort, without breaking my pockets.

I decided to have a cup of tea. And since then I realized the comfort and confidence, one cup of tea can deliver to someone. I started to experience tranquility, each cup of tea I would drink. Just to think this one tea bag can change my bad day, into something relaxing. I started to look forward to my morning, afternoon and even bedtime teatime.

Then it hit me, one night drinking tea  and watching Friends. How wonderful it would be to share my passion, my tranquility, my stress reliever to people that are just having a bad day.

I thought long and hard for the perfect name, that would describe each and every cup of my wonderful tea. SIP SLOW. Because when you sip slow, each sip, you savor, you clear your mind, and your body is taken into deep relaxation.

SipSlow Tea, we are promoting confidence and self improvement one cup at a time. It is not just a tea, it’s a LIFESTYLE.










We do not make health related claims or claims on the benefits and the efficacy of any of our teas.