💙More Blue Tea Please 💙

💙What is Butterfly Pea Flower
Butter Pea Flower (aka Clitoria Ternataea), commonly know as Asian pigeonwings, is a flower plant from Southeast Asia. It is use in Thai for medicinal purposes and In India for puja rituals. India even refers to this flower as the “holy flower” .  Butterfly pea flower is naturally caffeine free.

  • Has antioxidants that’s help regulate blood sugars levels


  • Great for stress relief, possessing a calming effect quality


  • High in cyclotides, which help fight off free radicals that causes inflammation


  • Improves brain function and helps with focus


  • Because of its high level of antioxidants, Butterfly Pea Flower, can increase collagen production, preventing wrinkles in the skin.


  • Increases elasticity in skin cells
  • Makes skin firmer, plumber and helps improve pigmentation in skin 


  • The natural cyclotides in Butterfly Pea flower, also carry “anti-HIV effects”
Butterfly pea flower contains a range of different antioxidants such as polyphenols, which gives
the tea a dark hue of blue. Just steep SipSlow Tea BeauTea & Brains tea in hot water for
about 5 mins and watch the magic. Also add lemon. The acidity of the lemon turns the tea
from 💙 to 💜 (purple) within seconds, adding flavor and more health benefits
BeauTea & Brains Tea

Beau-Tea & Brains is blended with Butterfly Pea Flower, Lemongrass and Ginger. This BLUE color tea specializes in anti-aging, improving skin, hair, nails eyesight, brain function, respiratory, and relieves stress. Beau-Tea & Brains leaves your skin glowing and helps with focusing on daily to daily activities.

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