Sip Gro Repeat . Queens Crown Hair Growth Challenge

In January 2020, I unlocc’d my hair. It took me about a week but I was able to take down my locs without cutting my hair. Even though I was only locd for about 7-8 months, my hair was fully loccd. Fortunately I was able to retain a lot of my new growth BUT I had so much breakage and small patches sporadically.
🌱I have already been drinking and rinsing my hair with Queens Crown, weekly. I continued to use Queen Crown, consuming the tea often but not consistent. I also continued to rinse my hair weekly , after I washed and treated my hair, (every Thursday since quarantined started). Now I can visibly see the patches growing through out my hair. I have noticed I have pretty much close to nothing of shedded hair from finger detangling my hair..... I mean I can literally count the strains.
🌱Normally this is the length where my hair either start breaking off because I start to apply heat (Dominican blow outs) or I go through something dramatic in my life, where I feel I must cut my hair to free myself ( I know I am not the only one that feel so liberated, when they big chop their  hair). At this point of my hair journey I promised myself not to cut my hair anymore and no more heat !
🌱I decided to do the Queens Crown Hair Grow Challenge to help promote hair growth and to strengthen my hair. I will be starting the challenge June 7 until July 7. For a month I will be drinking two cups of Queens Crown Tea daily and doing a weekly tea rinse after I wash my hair. To make the hair tea rinse, make Queens Crown as if you was to make a cup of TEA, but instead make sure you make at least 3cups total. Let cool, and put in a mason jar. After I finish washing my hair, I section my hair in fours, and generously pour the tea on each section ( I even dip my ends the jar) , and do a scalp massage. I don’t rinse the tea out. I oil and style as desired. 🌱

So why does Queens Crown work?
Queens Crown is an organic herbal loose tea blend with horsetail, bamboo, sage, rosemary and nettle. All these herbs, possesses hair stimulation properties, making your hair stronger, thicker, shinier , and healthier. When drinking the tea consistently,  you will start to feel your scalp tingle. This is happening because the herbs of tea, is stimulating your scalp, by opening bloods vessels, allowing blood to easily flow. This also cause hair growth ! SIP! GRO! REPEAT!🌱
Want to join the challenge? You definitely can !
Queen Crown Hair Growth Challenge.
1. Purchase at least 2 pouches of the Queens Crown tea .  Order our Hair Treatment/Growth bundle 2 for $30.
  2. Take a before picture of your hair, any damage or weak areas.
3. Be as consistent as possible, drinking two cups of tea a day (starting June 7 to July 7) and it is recommend to do a hair rinse at least once every two weeks (I will be doing mines weekly, since this is already apart of my hair regimen)
4. Monitor your results. I will be posting pics every 10-12 days on Sip Slow Tea Social Media.
5. Follow our social media accounts: Instagram @sipslowtea Facebook: SipSlowTea


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